Pros of Shopping at a Full-Service Shop for Exterior Doors in Calgary

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Exterior doors are the gateway to your home or business, providing protection from the elements, a visual appeal, and security from unwanted guests. Although generally quite durable, these solidly built doors may need replacement from time to time.

Perhaps you’re interested in updating the design or color scheme of your home, increasing security, or replacing a worn and deteriorating exterior door. No matter your reason, choosing where to shop is one of (if not the) most important steps in the process.

This guide, brought to you by Window Mart, will explore the benefits and potential cons of finding your replacement exterior doors Calgary at a full-service or “one-stop shop”.

The Typical Exterior Door Replacement Process

  1. Realizing you Need to Replace or Update your Exterior Door

As mentioned, there are many reasons why you may want to upgrade or replace an existing exterior door. Some of these reasons are cosmetic in nature, while others are focused on remedying a problem, such as the need for better security or to replace a door that is structurally failing.

According to home improvement expert Bob Villa, the following represent key signs that it may be time to replace your Exterior Door:

  • Visual signs of wear or degradation
  • Decreased performance or function
  • Excessive drafts around the frame
  • Updated home designs or new paint job
  • Replacement advised by a contractor or inspector
  • Replacement necessary to comply with building or fire codes


  • Expert advice and consultation from industry professionals
  • Avoid replacement when not necessary
  1. Deciding on the Type of Exterior Door Needed

Types of exterior doors include:

Entry Doors

These doors are often the first thing someone passing by notices about your home. As such they are large contributors to your home’s curb appeal and attraction. They also serve as the primary entryway to your humble abode while providing adequate security to keep you, your family and belongings safe.

Patio Doors

Patio doors, often referred to simply as a sliding glass door or doorwall, is a large glass-paned door that either slide open, or in the case of French Doors, opens outward. These exterior doors often open up onto a deck or stone patio or porch.

Screen Doors

Screen doors are complementary to the primary exterior door, providing a way to allow in additional light and ventilation during spring and summer months weather-permitting in Calgary.


  • Helpful customer service
  • Matching of available solutions to your current problems
  • Knowledgeable staff and support available for assistance
  • Get feedback directly from the same team that will be responsible for installation
  • No need to shop around with all-inclusive services


  1. Deciding on the Type of Material


Although attractive, wood exterior doors also often rank among the most expensive. Although sturdy and durable, they generally require more maintenance and don’t hold up quite as well against harsh weather conditions over the years. Re-staining may be required annually.


Metal doors are premium in build, highly durable, and provide superior security. They are also relatively maintenance-free and don’t crack or warp.


Maintenance-free, these doors are often highly customizable and can even mimic the appearance of traditional wood or steel. That said, lesser quality options can crack in cold weather or upon a hard impact.


  • Local professionals can provide advice on what materials may hold up best in Calgary weather.
  • In-house teams are highly trained on the use of their products as well as installation, giving them unique insight into how to best advise you on your purchase options.
  • Customization or personalized needs can be addressed in one visit or call
  • Contractors can provide additional advice tailored to your particular use case and home


  1. Choosing a Door and Hiring Contractors for Installation

This is where full-service, all-inclusive exterior door stores and shops such as Window Mart excel. Traditionally, homeowners would need to buy a door at one place, then search for a contractor willing to install it from another.

This process involves vetting two separate companies, getting two separate quotes, dealing with shipping or pickup, and more.

With all-in-one stores, every step of the process from shopping to installation are handled for you by professionals who are vetted and highly experienced.


Save Time, Money and Hassle Buying from a One Stop Shop

Calgary residents can do themselves a favor by buying from a full-service shop that encompasses all aspects of the buying and installation process in-house. From expert pre-sales advice, to purchasing, professional installation, and post-installation support, these shops have you covered from A-to-Z.


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