Refresh Your Living Room: Want You to Know


Idea matching design to your goals and needs can get you on the road to a living room that better reflects you.

Does your living room have a case of the blahs? Why not consider what you can do at home to help enhance your life? Whether you’re looking for quick furniture-arranging help or a complete overhaul, read on for the need-to-know info on making your living room live up to its full potential.

Your living room is a formal spot to gather with visitors or the main hangout hub of your house — so it’s important that it functions well and expresses your style. You are tired of the way your living room looks or are frustrated by the layout. Getting help — a little or a lot — from a pro can set you on the right track and help create a living room that meshes with your style and your life.

Why — An interior designer or a decorator can help see your project through from start to finish — or provide you with a plan to follow through on your own. Take a closer look at a range of options, from design consultations to design plans to full-service design.

A design — a sit-down in your home with a designer to discuss your living room and offer feedback and suggestions. Typically, these run two to three hours, and it can also be a great way to see if you mesh well with a designer before diving into a project.

Why the design works — The living room are high-traffic spots for the family and friends, “so they needed the space to be durable and functional”. All the selections had the kids in mind.

When to DIY — Do you already have a good sense of your design style? Are you willing to invest more of your own time to research, shop and move furniture? If so, with determination and a wealth of information at your fingertips, you can redecorate your living room yourself.


Make a Budget

Assuming you’ve figured out what you want your home to look like and have made the decision to decorate the home yourself, you need to come up with a budget. Instead of trying to guess what the project might cost, start out with a figure that represents what you’re willing to spend. Make a list of the rooms you want to decorate, and list the items you will need to purchase for a living room. (Don’t overlook wall treatments, flooring, lighting, accessories, and labor.)


What to Save Cost Me?

There are plenty of areas where you can save. Lighting, wall finishes, rugs, and accessories are areas where you can get away with spending less. “While designers advise buying the best you can afford”, but consumers have access to more furniture options at a range of prices that are broader than ever before, thanks to the Internet.

Saving money doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing quality. The fabric on that upholstered piece needn’t be fancy. “Don’t pick the most expensive fabric,” “because you can save money by buying fabric that feels good, is reasonable and durable”.


5 Quick Tips for a DIY Living Room Refresh

1. Make a list of the top three challenges in your living room. Is the furniture arrangement working? Does the color scheme need tweaking? Where’s the problem?

2. Pare back. Simply removing clutter and excess can help you see your living room in a different light.

3. Take photos of your space. This can help give you some psychological distance, allowing you to identify what needs to change more easily.

4. Try out some design tools. Make a floor plan (on paper or online), put together a Your ideas, or cut and paste your own design board. Seeing your ideas all at once can be a huge help.

5. Focus on textiles. Swapping out a rug, reupholstering a chair or getting new throw pillows for the couch (or all three!) can point your living room in a new style direction.

How to get started: Assess your living room. Consider how much help you need, your budget and your ultimate goals for this space. With your answers to these questions in mind, decide whether you are going to begin researching interior designers or get started on your own.

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