Remodeling a Small Kitchen: Selecting Cabinets and Counter Tops

W hen remodeling your small kitchen, it is important to pay attention to each detail. Every little thing is another step in the process or a chapter in a book if you will.



When selecting your cabinets and counter tops for your small kitchen remodel, there are quite a few things to consider. Most of your kitchen is filled up with cabinets and counter tops, so choosing the wrong ones for a small kitchen can overwhelm the design or severely disrupt the flow of the décor.



There are a few basic rules that you want to follow for both cabinets and counter tops when remodeling a small kitchen:



Make sure to measure everything properly to insure that the cabinets and counter tops you put in are not too big. Overly large cabinets and/or counter tops can severely overwhelm a small space, and make your kitchen seem even smaller.


Try to avoid painting or choosing materials that are too dark. For small spaces, lighter colors help to make the space look more open. Incorporate darker colors with accent pieces or accessories.

To make your small kitchen functional, look for methods of extra storage.

The right lighting can make all the difference. Avoid bulky and overwhelming chandeliers or lighting pieces, and choose simple designs that offer a lot of bright light.

Look for pieces that offer multiple uses. For example, a pull out drawer can also be home to a cutting board or the backs of cabinet doors can be made useful with extra racks or hooks.

When trying to make the most of a small space, think vertical. Tall cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling not only offer more storage space, but make the room seem larger than it is.

You can make your small kitchen seem more open with glass front cabinet doors. For a splash of color that gives the room extra depth, paint the back of the cabinet walls with a bold color that compliments your décor.

Open shelving might be a good idea in part of your kitchen, if not the entire project. Open shelving gives the appearance of more space. The only drawback is keeping everything as uncluttered as possible since it is all visible.

Make use of small spaces by installing thin pull out cabinets for spices and other small kitchen items.

For more counter space, look for expandable counter tops. These extremely useful counter tops look small and stay hidden to increase room, but then pull out for much needed extra work space.

The smaller amount of workspace you have to work with gets used a lot. Therefore, the increased amount of wear and tear can make your kitchen look and feel old and worn out. Choose a counter top material that is durable and easy to clean and maintain.

There are a ton of ways that a small kitchen can be just as useful and beautiful as a large kitchen. When you are remodeling your small kitchen, what you do with your cabinets and counter tops will be the most important part of the project.

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