Remodeling Your Small Kitchen: Painting Tips That Deceive The Eye

W hen it comes to remodeling small kitchens, every step you take has to be well thought out before execution. The colors that you choose, and the way you paint, can make or break your remodeling project.



Certain painting techniques and the right use of colors can deceive the eye and make small spaces look bigger. Follow some of these tips and techniques to make the most out of your small space and transform it into the kitchen of your dreams.

Chose The Right Colors

When painting a small space, especially a small kitchen, the colors you choose are extremely important. For small spaces, dark colors can make your already small room seem even smaller and crowded.



Instead, brighten up the space to make it look and feel more open. Lighter, cool colors not only brighten up the room and make it seem larger than it is, but they also help you accomplish a cleaner, more polished look.

Neutral colors tend to work best with small spaces, but that doesn’t mean that your new kitchen will be boring. For a pop of color, choose boldly colored accent pieces or fun patterns to draw the eye.

Erase Visual Boundaries

For small spaces, especially kitchens, it is important for everything to flow. Over patterned, busy wallpaper confuses the eye and makes the room feel stifling.



To create the right flow in your kitchen décor, erase any visual boundaries. One popular way of doing this is to paint the cabinets the same color as the walls. This technique creates the impression that the walls are farther back than they actually are, making the room look larger.

Clean lines in your paint and décor will keep the eye moving smoothly over everything and give the room a more spacious feeling.

For your back-splash, continue with clean lines and choose an uninterrupted pattern so that it does not overwhelm the space. The pattern should fit in with your color scheme so it doesn’t make the kitchen look choppy.

Draw The Eye Upward

To make your kitchen seem larger, start thinking vertically. There are a few ways of doing this easily and effectively.



When choosing your cabinets for your kitchen remodel, you can choose extended height cabinetry to make the room seem bigger. This, paired with painting the cabinets the same color as the walls, makes the ceilings seem higher and the room bigger.

If you have existing cabinets that are not so close to the ceiling, draw eyes upward with decorative items placed on top of the cabinets. The items should flow well with the color scheme and not be too noticeable as you do not want them to overwhelm the space.

Paint your ceiling a color that is lighter than the walls. Using white is always a safe choice, and using a high gloss white paint can create the slightest reflective surfaces which will brighten the light and make the room seem larger.

When remodeling a small kitchen, a little bit of paint can make all the difference. Use these tips and techniques to make the most out of your small space by deceiving the eye and making the room look larger and more open.



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