Room by Room Decluttering Checklist

Different types of rooms require different decluttering approaches. You can refer to the “Preparing to Declutter

Room Decluttering Checklist
Room Decluttering Checklist

Use this checklist to help you go through each room methodically as you declutter. We’ve included useful items for each room that will help make staying organized easier!

Room Checklist


☐ Garage shelving

☐ Pegboard (pegboard hooks, pegboard kit)

☐ Wall-mounted tool organizers


☐ Drawer organizers

☐ Plastic bins

☐ Clear glass jars

☐ Color-coded food storage organizers

☐ Magnetic knife/utensil holder

☐ Pull-out organizers

☐ Wineglass rack

☐ Hanging cup rack

☐ Spice rack

☐ Dishcloths, scrub brushes, kitchen cleaning supplies


Laundry Room

☐ Plastic storage bins

☐ Wall mounted drying rack

☐ Shelving

☐ Laundry baskets



☐ Wall-mounted bathroom shelves

☐ Shower head hanging organizer

☐ Mounted liquid dispenser unit

☐ No-fog mirror

☐ Bath toy organizer

☐ Towel rack

☐ Over-toilet shelving



☐ Hangers

☐ Multi-clothes hangers

☐ Stackable shoe boxes

☐ Over door shoe organizer

☐ Over door handbag organizer

☐ Shelving



☐ Drawer organizers

☐ Color-coded folders

☐ Overdoor/wall organizer

☐ File boxes

☐ Zip ties

☐ Bulletin board



☐ Wicker baskets

☐ Drawer organizers

☐ Plastic bins with lids

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