Shabby Chic Bathroom style for Your Bathroom Remodel

W hile Decor ideas shabby chic has been around for quite some time now, the idea of remodeling a bathroom in a shabby chic style is still catching on these days. Shabby chic bathroom remodels involve a lot more than just the d้cor and furnishings.



Chic bathroom remodel

There are many ways to remodel a bathroom using the Decor ideas shabby chic style as a backdrop.

Tub and Tiles

Most shabby chic bathroom remodels will incorporate an old-fashioned four-legged tub that is a little bit worn. This more than likely will mean ripping up the old existing wall shower and tub combination.



Once you have had the old tub and shower removed, take a look at subway tiles. Subway tiles typically go on the wall in white and give the backdrop of a good old-fashioned bathroom from days gone by. Add in that four-legged tub and you are off and running for a great foundation to your shabby chic bathroom.

Typically, a shabby chic bathroom will also need to have the floor ripped up. Shabby chic flooring can consist of a whitewashed wood floor or miniature white tiles. Typically, you will find white, off-white, or antique linen colors as backdrops for Decor ideas shabby chic bathrooms.

Vanities and Mirrors

One of the classic looks for a shabby chic bathroom is the crackle-finished vanity. Typically these are seen in antique white or pure white. The more weather worn they look, the more shabby chic appearance they take on.



Mirrors of all shapes and sizes are also placed above these vanities to complete the shabby chic look. A skirted vanity with an oval white mirror strategically placed right above makes a perfect pair for the shabby chic bathroom remodel.


You can have a lot of fun with lighting for a shabby chic bathroom. Chandeliers, sconces, table top white lamps, and hanging crystal globes are just a few of the lighting choices for your shabby chic remodel.



White plank boards on the bottom of your bathroom walls with a pale blue or lavender, or wainscoting and a chair rail are divine choices for the walls of your Decorative ideas shabby chic bathroom, giving it just the added touch necessary to recognize the style and d้cor choice at hand.


At the end of all your house ideas remodeling, paint, tub and tile choices are the accessories. White flowers, silver metal baskets, and candelabras are all fun ways to express your new shabby chic bathroom remodel.

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