Signs of Diabetes in Children

Have you ever looked at a child who is suffering from signs of diabetes? Can you judge that child is diabetic? Can you see signs of diabetes in children?

Diabetes in Children
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I know the answer is no. On looking at the child one can never judge that person is suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes in children. This increase parallels with the rising rates of obesity in childhood along with the low amount of exercise children now take part in. Over recent years, less sport is played in schools, and other activities such as football after school hours have been replaced with PlayStation and Internet games.

Combined with fast food that is cheap, easily available and also high in calories (kilojoules), children are eating more food than they need. And cheap and poor quality school meals have made the problem worse.

Poor eating habits and these exercises-free lifestyles are leading to metabolic problems for increased numbers of children.

The quality of your child’s life may depend on being able to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in children.

Unfortunately for parents, sometimes it can be hard to identify the symptoms of diabetes in children. Read the list below and you’ll understand why often symptoms of diabetes aren’t recognized early.

Symptoms of diabetes in children are

  •  Frequent thirst – You may just be thinking your child drinks a lot.
  •  Frequent infections – Many consider this just a part of childhood.
  •  Blurred Vision – Your child may not tell you as the blurred vision can come and go. It’s not always constant.
  •  Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal – It’s easy to think the injury was just a “bad one” and it’s taking longer to heal.
  •  Tingling/numbness in hands or feet – Again, your child may not notice or tell you about it as it’s not usually constant.
  •  Frequent urination – Many just think it comes from drinking more.
  •  Extreme hunger – Often parents think their child is going through a “growth spurt” and just requires more food.
  •  Unusual weight loss – This symptom does normally make parents concerned. If the child has been overweight, parents sometimes think. Great, the weight is finally coming off.
  •  Irritability – Can often be labeled as parent/child confrontations. Also, many parents of teens just think it’s a normal part of the teenage years.
  • You won’t see all of this at once. You will notice one of them, then a month or two latter something else…

What To Do If You See Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

Get your child tested for diabetes IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait. The test is simple and painless. The longer you wait the more difficult the disease can be to control.

These symptoms may not even be noticed until the disease is in full force. It’s important to learn to recognize these symptoms

It is also important here to keep in mind that all of these signs of diabetes in children may not be obvious at once. One or more symptoms of child diabetes are enough to take you to the doctor’s office.


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