Small Changes in the Bathroom, Bedroom Make Aesthetic Impact – Affordably

small changes in bathroom


A bathroom remodels can be a costly proposition. Based on today’s estimates, the average cost is in the neighborhood of $19,000. Whether you’re upgrading to place your home on the market or just updating an outmoded bathroom, it can be a major investment. It’s still possible to create an appealing space with relatively minor and inexpensive improvements if a 5-figure project isn’t in your budget. Think in terms of small decor – things like towels, curtains, and fixtures, which allow you to add color and texture affordably. It’s a great way to freshen things up in the bathroom with a do-it-yourself project.



Among all the fixtures, flooring and accessories, the bathroom mirror can be easy to overlook, even though it’s one of the largest features in any bathroom. If you’re tired of the traditional rectangular or oval-shaped bathroom mirror, why not go with something a bit bolder? You can make a real statement with a vertical or diamond-shaped mirror set in a frame that reflects your bathroom fixtures and other elements. If you’re an antiquer, check out a few vintage stores in your area to find something really distinctive. Done right, a mirror can become the focal point of a unique bathroom design.



A bathroom remodel is also a chance to add eco-friendly elements, like a low-flow toilet. Most older houses have toilets that use a lot of water, especially compared to today’s low-flow designs. Incorporate one that has a slimmer, sleeker, more modern design that fits easily and has a more refined aesthetic appeal. You can easily coordinate if you choose to put in a new sink as well.


Shower curtain

Well-Conceived bathroom design is one that incorporates many elements, from faucet handles to rugs and the shower curtain. With a little planning, a shower curtain can serve as both design element (especially important if you don’t have much artwork in the bathroom) and centerpoint for your overall color scheme, as well as an important functional component. If you prefer a pretty but straightforward look, a nice spa-like white shower curtain should cover any other design decisions you make. If you prefer a bathroom with a bit more color, consider a curtain accented with earth-tone shades that can easily be matched with hand towels and rugs.



Once you’ve selected a new toilet and/or sink and decided on a color scheme, you can go ahead and work on accessories. This covers a pretty wide range, from toothbrush holders to shower curtain rings, hand towels and window treatments. Towel racks, grab rails, shower caddies, and even door handles can all be made part of a unified design.


Bedroom upgrades

Small and inexpensive changes can also have great effect in the bedroom. If you have the wall space, consider hanging a few tapestries. They’re stylish but affordable design elements that don’t require the cost of framing, as with traditional artwork. Add some colorful accenting with patterned wallpaper on your closet door or on sliding clothes drawers. A small desk and chair with an antique feel lends a classical look, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Lighting can make a design statement like few other elements. If yours could use a boost, add some copper string lights and a vintage lantern. If you’re feeling especially bold, why not go all out and hang a funky chandelier from the ceiling for that Phantom of the Opera feel?

Small upgrades can do a lot to bring together your design vision in the bathroom and bedroom. If it looks so good that you want a more polished look, spend some time online searching for an interior designer who can make it work. Remember, small decor improvements will save money, and most can be handled DIY.


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