Small Kitchen Remodeling : Create The Illusion of More Space With Lighting

A s you get ready to remodel your small kitchen, make sure to take time to really consider your lighting options. Your decisions regarding lighting can really make or break your design scheme. Especially important for small kitchens, the lighting can really open up a room and create the illusion of more space.



Here are some tips and ideas for lighting ideas that can create the illusion of space in your small kitchen:

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting for any room, especially the kitchen. The light is always soft and welcoming and fits in with any décor.



If you are remodeling, put serious thought into skylights. Natural light is always best, and the skylights make the room seem a lot bigger than it actually is. Solar tubes are another method of bringing natural light in to the kitchen without huge skylights. Solar tubes are tubes that run from the roof to your kitchen, reflecting light off the roof and pulling it down into your room.

Natural light can come from skylights or windows and even from adjacent rooms if they connect with the kitchen. The more natural light you can bring into the room, the more open and spacious it will feel.

Mix Up Your Lighting

Use a combination of atmospheric as well as task lighting to open up the space and give the illusion of more room.



Install incandescent lights on the bottom of cabinets pointing down towards the counter tops. This will counteract the shadows caused by overhead lighting and make the counter space seem larger.

To counteract florescent lighting that can cast an unappetizing hue over your kitchen; install small hanging lights to bring the light closer to your work space. Colored fixtures will bring more color to the space as well as make the lighting more appetizing.

Light Up Your Cabinets

Using lights inside glass front or open shelving brightens up your kitchen and makes the space seem larger. The lights not only highlight your beautiful shelving and dishes, but they create the illusion of a bigger space by playing with the shadows in your kitchen.



Where you install your cabinet lighting will depend on your particular shelving, so play with the angles. In most cases, putting the lights at the top of the cabinets draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a larger space, while putting them at the bottom can create shadows.

Avoid Florescent Lighting

If you can, avoid florescent lighting. It can give any kitchen a sterile, clinical feel. For small kitchens, overhead florescent lighting can make the space feel smaller by casting shadows.



Try replacing your old florescent lighting fixture with track lighting. Track lighting can light up a room without making it feel clinical, and the tracks can be pointed at different angles to minimize kitchen shrinking shadows.

For your small kitchen renovation project, look to the lighting to create the illusion of more space. With these clever tips and techniques, you can really open up your kitchen and brighten up your work space.

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