Small Kitchen Remodeling: Small Kitchen Shelving Ideas

N ot having enough shelving or cabinet space is a common inconvenience for small kitchens. Not only does there never seem to be enough space, but large cabinets can make a small kitchen feel even smaller and create a claustrophobic space.



For your small kitchen remodel, consider some of these alternative shelving solutions to make the most of your limited space.

Visible Shelving

Visible shelving, such as glass front doors, can really open up the space in your kitchen. The glass fronts leave the space open, while the backs of the cabinets create the feeling of more depth.



To create an optical illusion of more space in your kitchen, glass front cabinets really open up the space. For an extra pop of color and to draw the eye to create the illusion of a bigger room, paint the back wall of the cabinets. A darker or bold color really accents the décor.

If you like the concept of glass front cabinets, but don’t really want the glass to be that transparent, no problem. There are multiple choices for glass transparency and different tempered glasses so you have a lot of choices.

Floating Shelving

Floating or open shelving is another alternative to everyday cabinets that can really make a big difference for small kitchens. With floating shelving, a simple freestanding shelf is installed directly to the wall. Open shelving is a lot like typical cabinetry but without the doors and a lot of times without the separators. When you are remodeling, forgo the usual cabinets and try floating or open shelves.



Floating shelves work well for small kitchens. They take up very little space, especially when compared to the usual bulky cabinetry. The open scheme of floating shelves allows the room to flow, making the room look larger than it actually is.

This open design for shelving is a very contemporary and fashionable design technique, and is becoming very popular. Floating shelving is also fairly easy to install, especially compared to ordinary cabinets.

Vertical Shelving

If you do not have enough cabinet space, sometimes the answer is simply bigger cabinets. In a small kitchen, bigger, bulkier shelving just won’t work. So instead of thinking that the cabinets need to grow outward, instead build them up towards the ceiling.



Tall cabinets that touch the ceiling not only give you a lot more shelving area for storage, but they create the illusion of a bigger space.

Whether you decide to use glass front shelving, open shelving, or floating shelving, you can build your cabinets higher to make use of underutilized space. Keep items that you do not use as often on the top of the shelves to free up much needed cabinet space.

When remodeling your small kitchen, your shelving solutions can make a big difference not just to your décor scheme, but also to your storage possibilities. If you think outside the box, however, you will find alternative solutions for shelving that are not only functional, but beautiful.