Small Kitchen Remodeling: Space Saving Appliances

R emodeling a small kitchen can feel like a monumental task, especially when it comes to choosing the right appliances. A lot of today’s kitchen appliances are larger than they used to be, and while they certainly have the appeal of great features, they can be hard to fit into a small space without overwhelming the room.



Luckily, there are space saving options and appliances. You can make the most out of your small space with these clever tricks and smaller appliances.


The microwave is probably the easiest appliance to find space saving options for. You might be surprised how much counter space can be opened up by simply moving the microwave, and when any little bit of counter space is prime real estate you will be thankful for the extra work space.



Over The Range

It is a pretty popular and excellent space saving technique to install an over the range microwave rather than a counter top model. These microwaves have all the features of a typical range hood like the vent and lights, underneath the bottom of the microwave, so it acts as sort of a two for one deal.

The only catch about these appliances is that you might need help with installation. If the existing wiring isn’t already appropriate to handle the wattage that your new microwave needs, you may need an electrician to help you rewire and install.

Pull Out

Pull out microwaves are another new and popular options for getting those microwaves off the counters. Instead, these microwaves are built into the cabinetry at hip level. When you need to use the microwave, you pull it out just like you would another drawer.

Again, you might need help with wiring and installation, but this is a great space saving option and it looks great.


While all of these extra large refrigerators are certainly tempting with all of their high-tech features and so many drawers and extra doors, you can find smaller versions.

More standard sized refrigerators are still available, and a lot of them employ space saving drawers and door racks to give you the most storage space possible while still taking up less space. A lot of these smaller versions still have some of the great features still available.


For small kitchens, drawer dishwashers are a wonder to behold. They take up so much less space than conventional dishwashers, and although they are small they have adjustable racks to fit a maximum amount of dishes.

You do not need to sacrifice function, durability, style, or beauty in a small kitchen. There are many space saving options available to you. Remember to always take correct and thorough measurements.

Also, keep in mind the size of your particular dishes when it comes to choosing smaller appliances. It wouldn’t do you any good to install a microwave or dishwasher and then have to buy all new dishes to fit a smaller size. There are plenty of smaller, space saving options that you won’t have to sacrifice for.

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