So Chic Bedroom Perfect

I magine falling into a bed full of pillows and blankets made of the softest cottons and linens, faded and seemingly aged to perfection. Alive with romance, the ease of shabby chic decorating is a beautiful decorating trend. A room featuring shabby chic bedroom furniture offers a heavenly retreat, the perfect place for dreaming.



The shabby chic decorating style is a clean, crisp look with a faded country feel. The end result of shabby chic is to achieve elegance and comfort at the same time.

What a treat to lie in a warm and wonderful bed, perhaps fashioned from an old and re-purposed door or metal fence, or a family treasure passed down through the generations. The style calls to the inner romantic in all of us, begging for mounds of soft and fluffy pillows piled on top of thick quilts and blankets, topped with a chenille coverlet. New or lovingly worn, the softness of linens is part of the comfort craved in a most wonderful way. Never to be confused with old or useless, shabby chic is instead a choice made to allow vintage items to again show their beauty, or to allow newer items that have been lovingly distressed the opportunity to shine.



Shabby-chic bedroom furniture allows for a sense of forgotten beauty to become a part of the home. Flea market finds and cast offs easily become favorites in a home that shows originality and grace. The beauty of something lovingly recreated for a specific purpose becomes a showpiece in a bedroom, coordinating beautifully with the romantic touches of a shabby-chic bedroom.



The soft side of shabby-chic bedroom furniture plays a large role in decorating, and fabrics that are soft and pleasurable to touch offer an element of that is tactile as well as visual. The luxury of simple cotton or linen fabric featuring faded flowers, stripes, gentle prints and colors is never to be underestimated, and mismatched linens that feature a common undertone of colors grouped together are an unexpected pleasure to behold. While white is a staple color in shabby-chic decorating, any soft shade or muted tone is acceptable.

So Chic Bedding

The shabby chic style is a great way to bring modern and traditional decorating together and introduce and maintain the feeling of brightness in your home. Shabby chic bedding is a great starting point for this fresh and clean fashion. Its versatility makes it a great choice for bedrooms everywhere.



The bed should always be the center piece of your bedroom and so you might want to make sure that it really attracts the eye. You are able to get some beautiful French style ornate beds that wonderfully carved headboards. You can continue the theme by dressing up your bed with a vintage inspired floral or striped quilts, soft linens or an assortment of cushions to create that cute and comfortable feel. Hang a beautiful chandelier over the center of the bed, which is dripping with crystals and glass beading, in order to complete the look.

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When furnishing your new bedroom, you may of course purchase a pre-selected shabby-chic furniture set, designed by a professional to enchant the user with the feel of a room that has taken years of careful planning and collecting to create. However, a shabby chic style room is not difficult to obtain, and careful planning and the ability to do some things yourself will no doubt yield beautiful results. The key to remember is that comfort and romance, beauty and functionality are the elements to achieve. A large chair with ottoman provides the perfect resting place, a chaise allows one to savor a book or indulge in a long awaited cup of tea. A beautifully hung chandelier becomes a focal point when hung over a bed, pretty frames on a bedside table are enchanting, while beads and glass findings offer compliments to chintz lampshades.

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Large mirrors and favorite artwork are best displayed in ornate frames, whether guilt or painted white, chipped paint looks perfect on any surface. Together or standing alone, mirrors and paintings show your personal side, while candles create an aura of gentleness and tranquility. When infused with the soft fragrances of nature, candles can create a haven of calmness.

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A shabby chic bedroom works for anyone. It’s not too feminine, but elegant just the same. And it’s a very popular guest room decorating option. Even if you live in the city, a fresh country feel is possible with shabby chic bedding.


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