STAY AT HOME: 7 Tips to Keep Your House Sanitized and Safe During this COVID-19 Pandemic

Stay Safe at Home

T he whole world is in a crisis right now because of the Novel CoronaVirus 2019. Governments all over the world are making tons of efforts and plans to overcome the challenges brought about by this disease-causing virus. Volunteers and frontliners are doing their very best to help fight COVID-19. All countrymen are doing everything they can to help others and themselves in this trying time.

In most countries with high numbers of confirmed patients, people are told and required to stay at home in this pandemic. It’s not a little effort but a huge one because it’s not just for yourself but for everybody!

Even if you are just staying at home, you have to be mindful and cautious. Yes, you may be relaxing at home, but you should not be irresponsible when it comes to keeping your home clean and safe.

To remind you carefully, here are 7 tips you must keep in mind to make sure that your house is indeed sanitized and healthy during this pandemic. You might have heard them a few times, but it will never hurt to recall them anytime!

One of the top things you must never ignore today is washing your hands. It’s a common thing people do, but even more nowadays, it should be everybody’s habit!

Even if you do not go outside and even if you just hold your own stuff, still, do not take handwashing lightly. The enemy the world has today is unseen, so better be ahead of every mishap.

Wash hands properly and not for the sake of saying you do so. With clean soap and water, wash your hands. Other skin cleaning agents like hand alcohol and sanitizers are to be used always, but keep in mind that nothing compares and exceeds the power of handwashing.

It does not matter if it’s only your family who’s with you, still, practice avoiding too much physical contact. Social distancing is very important, and you should understand why. Yes, because of this, you have realized how physical contact with your loved ones is something to cherish, but executing it now is not yet needed.

It’s a basic thing you do, but do it more wisely today. Being at home for a lot of days, you have the opportunity to clean those house areas you were not able to clean when you wanted to. It’s a time for you to not procrastinate when it comes to a general cleaning of your house!

Apartment, bungalow, single family detached house and whatever custom home designs you have right there, cleaning your house actually is not an option. It is an act of responsibility for your own family’s health and safety. It’s something very common, but it’s time to remind you that this pandemic makes people be more conscious about the things and places they should be having more care for. And one of those places is the house!

If you go out of the house or if someone else does it to buy food and do necessary things, observe the given protocol before entering your house. Especially if you encountered other people outdoors, this is essential.

Clothes and things from outside must be disinfected first. You should clean yourself first before going into your house. Let a family member prepare your clothes, so you can change outside or a towel after you sanitize yourself. Do not bring your outdoor footwear inside the house.

All these do take some bags of effort and time, but darling, it’s better to be obedient now than to be regretful later.

Before bringing things from outside into your house, sanitize them completely first. That’s right. Not only yourself, but also the things you brought home. This goes the same with stuff you ordered online and have been delivered to you. While food businesses and other services have safety measures when it comes to their processes and employees, it’s safer to be sure and strict at home.

Door knobs and handles, windows, gate bars, faucets, remote controls, gadgets and more — These are some of the things commonly held at home. Hand traffic is a lot on these items and house areas. Disinfect them too because who know where the hands that touched them before you did came from.

Everyone is missing everyone without a doubt, but do not allow visitors to come into your house. Yes, that’s a “DO NOT”. Unless you are in a faraway beach home, there’s nothing much to worry about unexpected visiting fellows. But if you are in the city and you have many chums, it’s different.

What if you are being careful inside your house but what if those guests are not mindful enough of their health? You would be affected in a bad way, and you know it. Again, social distancing is a must, yet that does not mean you are being mean to anyone if you are not pushing them away but letting them know politely. Everyone must be mature to comprehend the reason for that. In today’s crisis, being ready and not complacent pays off. Take note of that.

Staying at home when you have to protects yourself and helps the world in big ways. Staying safe and healthy at home, you are keeping yourself away from harm until all these saddening things come to an end and until everything goes back to normal. There’s a lot you are missing, but this time is a time to wait for the right time while keeping your life safe at home!


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