Take Your Hobby to the Next Level with Brilliant Patchwork

Patchwork is a process in which similar looking or different colored fabrics are sewn together on a larger piece of cloth to give it a different and cool look. While this process has been known for over several decades, it is starting to gain momentum in the present day again. Patchwork fabric has now become a standard item of purchase for those people who are enthusiastic about quilting or are generally excited about craft and handiwork. The smaller fabrics are measured out accurately at the beginning and are then sewn together on the bigger cloth, maintaining a decent pace and distance. Many kinds of patchwork fabric are available in the market. They are made up of all types of material such as silk, satin, cotton, jute, velvet, and many more.

patchwork fabric

Finding the Perfect Match

In today’s world, everything is available online. If you are looking for the right patchwork fabric and not being able to find any, one place you can always rely on is the Internet. There is nothing you will not find in the online stores; you can place your order today and get your fabric in a day or two. However, seasoned quilters believe, if you do not feel the fabric yourself, you cannot be too sure about its quality. Hence, you must look for tailors and stores that specialize in such fabrics. You can get in touch with your tailors and ask them about this aspect. You can then find the perfect piece for yourself in no time at all. While shopping online has its perks, at the same time, you cannot be too sure about every dimension of the piece you are buying. So, go traditional and purchase your fabric after having seen them with your eyes.

Maintaining the Fabric

Imagine having made a beautiful and vibrant quilt and it all going to waste just because you were not aware of the exact method in which you should take care of the patchwork fabric. While the main piece may be made up of a single material, the smaller pieces that you are patching on to it may be of different materials. Also, many of these fabrics may have some intricate thread work that requires extreme caution when you are washing or pressing them. Because of their fragile nature, it is always advised that the cloth should not be exposed to any rough condition and must be taken good care of. When you must wash it, dry cleaning is preferred as it uses gentler cleaning materials. When you iron the material, make sure to place a thin layer of cloth under the patchwork fabric and only then use the hot iron on it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

patchwork fabric

Innovation at Its Best

With a thing as versatile as patchwork fabric, your imagination is your only limit. If you can think about it, you can produce it! The fabrics are available in various materials, and each of these materials has something unique about them. There are beads, pearls, and embellishments that you can play with. You can mix and match and go through numerous trials and experiments to find what is perfect for your taste. You can use them in any shape and form, just plan it in your head, and get to work.

patchwork fabric


From traditional to contemporary, with patchwork, you can make anything. As a craft enthusiast, this is a domain you must try out. Just get working and find yourself making beautiful quilts and other apparel. So, start threading today! Your future as a patchwork quilter awaits you…


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