Tarantula the Right Pet for You?

With the world full of animals, some like to think outside the box and choose exotic pets. One such pet that has gained popularity in recent years is the tarantula. Have you ever considered owning one? If so, keep reading to find out if this particular exotic animal would make a good pet in your home.

Tarantula the Right Pet

Tarantula You only ever see them at Halloween and in horror movies. It’s no wonder people are not too friendly when you mention them. But, some people have taken up the charge to embrace them and bring them into their home.

Tarantulas are misunderstood, creatures. Most people are scared of them because of what they have heard and seen in television movies. In their natural habitat, they function much like any other wild animal, using their instincts to survive. And, contrary to Hollywood, they are not out to feast on human flesh or grow ten feet tall and crush you.

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Common Questions


You could be allergic to the venom in a tarantula bite. Bites are not common. These insects only bite when threatened or scared. And, they will warn their prey first by rearing up on their hind legs. There has not been a documented case of a human dying from a bite, but people react differently to their venom. If you currently have pet allergies, it may be wise to choose another animal.

Cuddling required 

People choose a particular pet for different reasons. If you desire to spend time with your pet that involves handling, a tarantula may not be for you. They are quite delicate and can be easily injured if they fall from your hand or get knocked off of a counter or table. Such injuries can even result in death.


Pet spiders and kids do not mix. If you want to welcome a tarantula into your home, it is best that any kids are at least 16 years of age or older. Younger ones could be spooked by the way the tarantula looks, and then you’ll have a problem.

You are a singular pet owner

Tarantulas can live for as long as thirty years. If you move or decide you don’t want it anymore, what will happen to your pet? If friends or other family members are leery of owning a spider, there will be no one to care for it. Owning one is a long-term commitment.


Tarantulas eat life prey. If you have a problem handling crickets, roaches, even mice or grasshoppers, a tarantula may not be for you.

Here are a Few Things To Consider Before Bringing a Tarantula into Your Home.


Tarantulas are a part of the spider family. There are about 900 species throughout the world. They are divided into two groups: arboreal (tree dwelling) and terrestrial (burrowers). You can find them on many continents, in tropical climates as well as deserts.

Contrary to the venomous, vindictive creatures they portray in movies, these insects are actually docile. They don’t like to cause trouble. As a pet, they don’t do very much but sit and look pretty, especially the ones with distinctive markings.

For someone who wants a pet that doesn’t require much maintenance, this is it. Besides setting up their habitat, feedings take place a couple of times a week. Keeping their habitat, clean is something to also tend to on a regular basis. For moisture control, they will need to be misted with warm bottled water at least once a week.

Tarantulas are delicate creatures. That means that you won’t have to constantly play with them or take them out of their habitat to keep them happy. Contentment comes from having a moist place to live along with sufficient food.


Tarantulas might be gentle but they can look very imposing and scary. Most are quite hairy with thick legs. If your family is squeamish when it comes to looking at them, it may not be a good idea to have one in the house.

Other pets don’t play well with this insect. Cats and dogs can actually be in danger from the tarantula. While a bite from one will likely only cause a rash in humans, it could be more dangerous and even fatal to your other pets.

Feeding time involves live prey. This means providing live crickets and other insects for them to hunt. Some people may have a problem handling bugs. And, pet store bugs are better than catching them in the backyard because of the potential for harmful pesticides and disease. Watching them eat could be a potential turn-off as well.

You want a new pet in the house – are you ready for a tarantula?