The Best And Most Intense Crossfit WODs

Crossfit’s workout of the day, or also referred as WOD, is one of the main reasons fitness buffs adore this sought-after fitness program. Ultimately, WOD is a daily workout designed randomly by the fit people of

Crossfit WODs
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Normally performed in a group setting, WOD encourages camaraderie and friendly competition among practitioners of this workout regimen. Furthermore, it is a potent workout that promotes a well- balanced blend of strength conditioning, skill development and metabolic conditioning.

Not all WODs, however, are intense and challenging. After all, not all workouts are designed to perfection. Thankfully, this guide will unveil some of the best and most intense WODs designed by the folks at


Don’t let the name deceive you, as this workout is as intense as it gets. For this workout, you will be doing 30 repetitions of clean and jerk using a standard weight of 95 pounds for women, and 135 pounds for men.

A mainstay in Olympic weightlifting, this workout will require flexibility, strength, power, coordination and speed.

Filthy 50

The Filthy 50 is indeed a WOD staple and a true of epitome of Crossfit. Basically, it is a brutal full-body strength workout that includes an extra element of cardio as well. Performed in circuit style, this is a non-stop grubwork of ten exercises with 50 repetitions each. If, however, you are someone new to this workout, you might want to perform 20 to 25 reps for very exercise. As for the duration, practitioners are advised to complete it in 25 minutes or less.

  •  Fifty jumps on a 24-inch box
  •  Fifty jumping pull-ups
  •  Fifty kettlebell swings
  •  Fifty walking steps of lunges
  •  Fifty elbows to knees
  •  Fifty repetitions of 45-pound push press
  •  Fifty back extensions
  •  Fifty 20-pound medicine ball wallballs
  •  Fifty burpees
  •  Fifty double-unders


No list of the best and most brutal Crossfit workouts is complete without the inclusion of Murph. One of the most popular Hero WODs in, this workout was named after Michael Murphy, a brave lieutenant who died in Afghanistan.

As for the actual workout, it is pretty simple, and won’t use a lot of equipment. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to be an experienced Crossfitter with an extensive knowledge in Olympic lifts for this WOD. But, this workout still requires a great deal of fortitude.

In this WOD, you will start off with a one-mile run, followed by a hundred pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 bodyweight squats.

Afterwards, you will finish the workout with another one-mile run.

While the exercises are pretty basic, its sheer length will torch the excess pounds and unwanted fat in the body.
As the folks from Crossfit have said, you have to finish the entire circuit within its challenge time, which is 40 minutes. But, finishing it in 45 minutes is still a decent time, and will signify that you are in terrific shape.


Fran may be one of the shortest WODs in Crossfit, but it is nonetheless a heart-pounding and exciting one. An all out sprint till the end, this workout is made up of three rounds of pull-ups and thrusters. In this first round of this WOD, you will be doing 21 reps for each exercise. Then, you will be doing 15 reps each for the next round, and 9 repetitions for the last round.

The Seven

The Seven, as the name implies, is a Crossfit WOD made up of seven rounds of seven challenging exercises with seven reps each.

As you do this WOD, you have to complete it in 20 minutes. But, if you are new to Crossfit or this workout, you should have a target time between 30 to 40 minutes.

  •  Handstand push-ups (Very challenging for those who have poor balance)
  •  Thrusters with a 135-pound barbell
  •  Knees to elbows
  •  Deadlifts with a 245-pound barbell
  •  Burpees
  •  Kettlebell swings
  •  Pull-ups



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