The Bojagi Beautiful of Gift-wrapping

B efore papers and plastics became so commonly used, the people of Korea and Japan utilized large wrapping cloths to transport items.


Bojagi Beautiful of Gift-wrapping
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Bojagi (Wrapping Cloths) Not only are they beautiful, they are reusable making them the perfect green gifting option. Continue reading to learn why Bojagi is a better option than traditional paper and how you can wrap your gifts.

Gift giving is an art form and should be treated with the respect in which it and the receiver deserve.

What is Bojagi?

Bojagi is another type of traditional cloth wrap used in Korea and is commonly used to package wedding gifts.

Bojagi were viewed more as craft pieces than artwork, and it is only in recent decades that the aesthetic value of bojagi was rediscovered. By sewing together small, used cloth of various shapes and skillfully juxtaposing vibrant colors, These bojagi created an exciting design akin to modern abstract art.

Bojagi Eco-Friendly and easy to use

By simply folding fabric and tying strategic knots you can wrap a package without scissors, tape or other tools.

Multifunctional: no matter what you are giving, it can be wrapped in fabric. Simply cut your fabric to the appropriate size.

Reusable: with the wealth of fabrics available, you can custom choose one that will be used by the recipient of your gift.

How to Prepare Your Fabric

While you can purchase pre-made wraps from several online retailers, it may be more economical to make your own. How you choose your fabric is up to you: by color, by theme or by material. Once your fabric is purchased, wash it and cut it to a size that is, at a minimum, triple that of the object you will be wrapping.

Cut your fabric with pinking shears or hem it to prevent fraying. Lay the fabric flat on your work surface and set your object in the center. You’re ready to wrap! Different wraps lend themselves beautifully to different packages. The type of wrap will depend both on the shape of your object and your personal style.

How to Wrap

The Lotus Wrap:

Perfect for square boxes and shapes, the lotus looks fantastic when you use two sided fabrics or one contrasting fabric on top of another.

  • Lay out your fabric and position your object in the center
  • Bring two opposite corners together and tie with a square knot
  • Repeat step two with your remaining corners

The Tissue Box Wrap:

The tissue box wrap lends itself well to a variety of rectangular boxes, not just tissue boxes!

  • Lay out your fabric and position your box in the center
  • Bring up the two corners at the small end of your box and tie a square knot
  • Repeat step two with the corners at the other end of your box
  • Tuck in any loose fabric

How many times have you given a gift to someone, Gifts are an expression of a message from the heart and as such are chosen and presented with much care, consideration, and thoughtfulness. The wrap and trimmings are thought to be as important as the actual gift. What the gift-giver wants to convey to the receiver should be reflected not only in the gift but in the presentation itself.

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