Things To Think About Office Fit Out Before Investing

Office fit-Out

You may or may not be aware of the new word doing rounds, ‘Office Fit out.If you are new to it, then we must tell you that it is time to know about it, especially if you are thinking on the lines of taking up a new office or wishing to redesign your existing office. Such knowledge will enable you to know whether or not your office is a ‘fit’ or ‘fit out’, or whether redesigning it is a daunting or an interesting task. It will help you to be more confident when you sign on the dotted lines.

Actually, Office Fit out is a term that describes a process of making the interior spaces of the office more suitable for the occupants of the space. This process will actually help you to create office spaces that are according to the specific needs of the office occupants.

Reasons to Go for It

The primary reason to spend money on an Office Fit out is to ensure business growth in the future. Therefore, when you do that, you must make sure that you consider the potential outcomes of it and how it will add the value of your business. Most companies believe and admitted that going for Office Fit Outs has had a positive impact on their business. They also found that it also added to the happiness quotient and productivity of the employees. Therefore, based on these facts and figures, you can conclude that spending money on an Office Fit out will surely affect your business revenue in a positive manner.

The Categories

Office Fit Out

Ideally, there are two specific types of Office Fit Outs available such as:

  • Category A that refers to the own space Fit Out of the tenant and includes mechanical and electrical installations, fire systems, suspended ceilings, lighting, AC, raised floors, blinds, internal surface finishes and more.
  • Category B that refers to developing the space according to the need of the tenants which is more like filling the black canvas Category A with new vision to match with the company and includes private office spaces, kitchen, IT, common rooms, snack areas, floor finish, reception area, doors, installation of furniture, meeting and conference rooms and so on.

The good thing about it is that there are actually no specific processes involved in it, no matter whichever category of it you choose to install and invest in. You can do it the way you want, as per your individual requirements, preferences and budget.

The Big Questions

Look at the bigger picture before you go for an Office Fit out. There are a few big questions to ask such as what, why, where, who, when, and most crucially how much!

  • All these questions and their relevant answers will help you to recognize your main concerns for refurbishment or relocation. You will be able to know both the primary as well as the secondary benefits of doing it.
  • You will also have to know whether the existing facilities are unsuitable or simply outdated. Try to relate this answer with the refurbishing needs of your office space, especially if it has undergone an expansion recently or if there was a contraction or re-organization. Find out how it will cater to the needs of your office.
  • Also, find out how this investment in Office Fit out will help in increasing the morale of the staff. If you have a flexible shape in your office, it will do much better than an overcrowded office or empty seats. It will help you to maximize the potential of the space as well as your employees if you can create a pleasant and effective working environment for them.

Therefore, the balance between morale and productivity, impressions and advantage, need and compliance with legislation before investing.

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