Things you should Know about the Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a much more advanced and latest technology in the world of ACs. These ACs are supreme in both features and design. They are packed with all the latest technological advancements. They also have a unique technology that allows them to work in all sorts of conditions like hot, humid, dry, cool and wet.

The reverse cycle air conditioners are available in various wattage units according to the power ratings. The 2.5kw reverse cycle air conditioner is one of the lower-end models with a small kilowatt rating.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a type of AC that can act like a normal AC as well as a room heater. The mode varies accordingly to suit the weather conditions and can be changed manually also.

reverse cycle air conditioner

How do the Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners work?

A reverse cycle AC plays the dual role of working as an AC as well as a heater. It can perform both heating and cooling functions. Reverse cycle, the name has been given from the coil within the AC which can work similar to that of a heater and an AC accordingly to external conditions.

Normally when a 2.5kw reverse cycle air conditioner is put to the cooling mode it works just like an AC would work.

But when it is changed to the heating mode the coil inside the AC that worked as an evaporating unit now switches roles and works as a condensing unit allowing the temperature to rise gradually. Similarly, the outdoor unit also switches roles from the condensing unit to an evaporating unit and ducts out cold air.

Cool or Warm – It’s Your Choice One of the greatest advantages of having this AC is that you can put in the conditions inside your room the way you like. With the 2.5kw reverse cycle air conditioner which is generally for smaller rooms, the AC can work as a heater where the temperature range is between 4-13 degrees Celsius.

Thus, if you live in a predominantly cold environment with mild winters most of the year and the short summers this type of AC would be ideal for you.

Another advantage is that if you buy this AC you won’t have to purchase a heater separately as it can play a dual role.

Multiple Setting and Modes to Operate with

Even one of the smaller models like the 2.5kw reverse cycle air conditioner is equipped with multiple features such as the dry mode, fan mode, economy mode, and sleep mode. You also operate the other things like the temperature which can change automatically to maintain a particular condition or you can change it manually.

These ACs are known for their high-end features such as not letting in the outside dust and pollution. Another thing every model including the 2.5kw reverse cycle air conditioner is known for is the efficiency. It can consume less electricity and thus be more efficient than normal ACs in the summer season.

reverse air conditioner

Opt for Environmental Friendly Choice. These ACs now have become a symbol of your status quo as they have all the latest features and functions wrapped in one. The 2.5kw reverse cycle air conditioner is also known for the reduction of the emission of the greenhouse gases. These ACs emit a substantially lower amount of greenhouse gases on the environment than the normal ACs and heaters. Some of the higher variants can be up to 7 times more efficient in this regard. Now, with environment issues going up, opting these kind of air conditioners is indeed a highly advisable thing.


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