Time Is Halloween Going Fast

Are you ready for Halloween? Are you preparing for the rush of little one’s trick or treating at your door? A unique party perhaps. A few refreshments for the kids would be great fun. My grandson is with me for this holiday and has requested a custom made costume. Maybe you’re in the same situation. I never could say no to that boy. However, his request was unusual and I began to have second thoughts.


melting vanilla chocolate in a fondue
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It’s the Alien. You got it, that Alien. I don’t mind telling you it’s taking a bit of time to come across a way to make a reasonable facsimile. I’ve started construction – yes, construction – of this thing. I will put a picture of him wearing it, in the follow-up article.

Now for the treats for his friends when they come trick or treating. I’ve given this quite bit a bit of thought and came up with a fondue party. Only this fondue party will be very Halloweenish. Orange chocolate and all kinds of dipping sticks, or wands, to dip in the orange chocolate lake.

Very, very simple to make and easy to prepare. Since it only needs melting vanilla chocolate in a fondue pot and cutting the goodies in a simple shape to dip.

Here’s what you’ll need

1. One lb. of white chocolate
2. 1/2 cup cream
3. Orange colored food coloring
4. Pretzels, either sticks or round or both
5. Plain cookies or raisin cookies or both
6. Carrots and celery cut into 2″ long sticks
7. Whole strawberries
8. Marshmallows, a natural
9. Toothpicks and paper napkins on the ready
10. All of the above dipping foods can be substituted with your choice of foods.

Directions: melt vanilla chocolate in the double pan till smooth. Add cream and food coloring. Stir slowly till smooth and incorporated. Pour chocolate dip into waiting for the fondue pot. You may even come up with a combination of your own. You might have milk chocolate as well. Two tone treats. See, easy and fun to make. It will be a real big hit with the kids to be able to make their own treats.

Parental supervision is a definite requirement.

Garden party for Halloween, this could also be a great way to keep an eye on your children and the neighborhood children. You know, keep them safe. This is the main concern of many parents on this holiday. With all the past mischief some people get up too, it’s responsible for being cautious.


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