Tips for Choosing the Right Vegetable Planter Boxes

Gone are the days where we only used the soil as tools for planting flowers and vegetables. Now we have the planter boxes which have made gardening very easier with the numerous advantages that they have to offer. We find that the self watering technique of the planter boxes has caused them to blow up in the garden gin industry. However there are a variety of planter boxes that are available in the market. When we are looking towards buying some for ourselves there are many options that we should consider so that we find the right planter box. This is especially important when we are looking towards finding the right vegetable planter boxes.


How to choose the best vegetable planter boxes?

Type of planter box

One of the biggest concerns of buying vegetable planter box is the type of planter we would like to buy. We have to make sure that we buy the appropriate planter box so that we have the right type of planter box for the right type of plant. This is very important as the planter box promotes minimal gardening space and we have to make sure that the plant has enough space to grow and breathe. Hence this is very important. There are different types of vegetable planter boxes Type of plant

The next important thing that we have to consider when we are buying the vegetable planter boxes is to keep in mind the type of pant we would plant in it. This is essential as we have to give the plant the required space and sunlight exposure to ensure we have a healthy growth. Also it is found that different vegetables require different soil depths. Also as we practice urban farming techniques often we plant two or three types of plants together. In such cases also we have to makes sure that we choose the correct combinations or we might have unhealthy plant growth. The best method would be to use some professional advice for the same to ensure that we do not make any mistakes.

What kind of vegetables grow best in planter boxes?

There are different kinds of vegetables that grow in planter boxes. With soil and proper fertilization, you can grow the following in your kitchen garden:

• Lettuce
• Asian greens
• Radishes
• Spinach
• Peas
• Peppers and chillies

Depending on the season in which you want to cultivate the vegetables, you can go for long or square-shaped vegetable planters that have enough space for the vegetables to grow.

Material of the planter

The next most important factor which has to be considered is the material of the vegetable planter boxes. We have to make sure that we have the right material so that it can promote with the growth of the plant. We all know that the classic terracotta and clay planters are appealing to the eye but these aren’t very durable as compared to other options that we have. Hence we have to make sure that we buy only those containers which are suitable for our plant type and also add a certain aesthetic value to our garden.


Draining system

The other most important thing to consider for vegetable planter boxes is that we have to make sure that they have a proper drainage system so that we can use them without any hassle. Also we have to use a certain type of drainage for certain types of vegetables. You can now choose vegetable planter boxes from online portals also. Some companies give you planting tools, planting books and planter maintenance manuals and seeds as part of a complete vegetable care package.


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