Tips To Improve The Air Quality in Your Home

air quality inside home

There has always been a widespread belief that the air outside the front door is worst to breathe than the air inside the home. However, the air inside the home also has its health implications if not properly taken care of.



Gaseous fumes from the kitchen, building materials or paint, chemical from fragrances, dust and bacteria can also pollute the air you breathe in inside the home. And the polluted air in the home could be debilitating especially for persons who are asthmatic or suffering from allergies.

Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home?

Here are some of the simple tips to help you improve your home air quality.

A regular opening of the windows

This is one of the primary tips for improving air quality in your home. The opening of the window helps to air out harmful chemicals and carbon dioxide and allows cleaner and healthier air into the home. This is one of the simplest things to do to improve the air quality at home and should be done on a regular basis even if it is for a few minutes during the day.

Avoid the use of toxic household cleaning products

The use of the conventional toxic cleaning products contributes to poor home air quality. And it is recommended to always do some research before you make use of some household cleaning products. But rather than spend money on household cleaning products with artificial ingredients, you can make use of natural ingredients such as lemon juice, olive oil, hot water, coarse salt etc. Natural products will do a great cleaning job and will avoid the introduction harmful chemicals into your home.

Place air-filtering plants in your home

Investing in plants that act as air filters plants can also help to improve the air quality in the home. These types of plants help in sucking out harmful chemicals in the air by pumping out oxygen. According to a study conducted by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), there are special plants that are skilled at removing harmful chemicals. Some of these plants include formaldehyde, English Ivy, Bamboo palm, Peace Lily etc.

Staying away from synthetic fragrances

To maintain a good air quality in the home, you must also avoid the use of synthetic fragrances either in the form of air fresheners, laundry products, perfumes or soap. The gaseous contents that evaporate from these products are harmful organic compounds and they pose a great threat to the air quality at home. Therefore, to have a good air quality at home, choose products that are fragrance-free, or the ones with scents of natural origin.

Always get your appliances checked and serviced

Regular check and maintenance of home appliances can help in improving the air quality of your home. You should ensure that appliances like gas ovens and boilers are checked and serviced on regular basis to prevent gaseous leakages that are likely to pollute the air in the home.

Redecorate to improve air quality in your home

When there is a need to replace your curtains, carpets or furniture, always choose products that will have great positive impacts on your home air quality. Since regular carpets harbour dust, it is better to choose hard floors instead. You should also choose curtains which are not as much as dust magnets. And whenever there is the need for re-painting, because conventional paints can emit toxic fumes, it is advisable to choose safer paints with no toxins and solvents.

Having a good air quality in the home is important to healthy living, but it is unfortunate that most people do not think about indoor air quality or the effect it has on their health and well being. Interestingly, having a good air quality comes with some benefits which include; Better breathing, good sleep, improved moisture control, reduction in allergens etc.

It is however essential for individuals to develop habits for improving the air quality at home especially when the huge health benefits are considered. And in your quest to improving the air quality at home, you should also avoid smoking inside the home, and always make sure to keep a clean and tidy home.

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