Tips to Know Before Buying a Kitchen Faucet

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W hether you are buying a new kitchen faucet or going to upgrade the current one, there are some factors you must consider before you make your purchase. We are here to provide answers and tips to certain questions that come to your mind when you are about to buy the kitchen faucet. You should always buy the best kitchen faucets of high quality. It can cost more but still, it is worth the money. Here are those important five tips to consider in order to make sure you get the best kitchen faucets.


1. Kitchen Faucet Repair and Installation

Are you going to repair the kitchen faucet by yourself or do you really need the professional service of a plumber in your locality? Most of the newly designed kitchen faucet solutions can be installed by yourself. They are designed in such a manner so that anyone can operate and install it. The truth is that when it comes to plumbing people usually go for a professional service since there is a possibility of causing leaks due to our mishandling. At Amazon, we provide “kitchen faucet solutions” to help you get it done on your own. But, if you do not feel 100% confident about installing the faucet on your own, go for the professional assistance.

Unless you have extremely thorough experience and training complicated plumbing jobs for behind-the-walls work — the risk of water damage (or worse) isn’t worth the DIY cost savings. As with most plumbers have specialties, for repair and fixtures that you need.


2. The Number of Holes in your sink

When you are upgrading from your old faucet, consider buying the new kitchen faucet that requires the same number of holes which is in the deck of the sink as that of the one being removed. Traditional faucets having cold and hot water taps require three holes for the taps and the spout. An additional fourth hole can be used to place a sprayer or soap dispenser. There are one-piece faucets that just require a single hole for the handle and a separate hole for a sprayer. The most commonly used ones are the single hole kitchen faucet. The single hole kitchen faucet gained popularity due to its ease of operation and maintenance. If you are starting from scratch with an all-new sink, you can put any number of holes according to your convenience and the requirement of your faucet that you want to buy.


3. The type of Handles you need

Usually, the normal typical kitchen faucets have either one handle which rotates in a given direction to select a particular water temperature or two handles for mixing cold and hot water. The one-piece faucets have handles either at the sides of the faucet or attached to the faucet unit. Single handle kitchen faucets are easier to use and maintain. They are the most commonly used type. It is a good option to go for a lever handle so that you can turn it on even with your elbow and not with hands that just touched raw chicken. Lever taps fit very well with the universal design concept that provides access to people with all kinds of physical ability. One lever is more practical and there are levers with touch sensors which will allow you to keep the handles clean from messy hands.


4. Better to have a Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

The sprayers are usually built-in, which is a popular feature in modern faucets. A pull-down multifunction spray head is a must have as said by many people. Make sure the buttons on the spray head are in a convenient location and are easy to control. Kitchen faucets with sprayers are usually available to either pull out or pull down from the faucet head or as a side feature from the spout. This makes washing large pots and pans an easy task.

5. The Faucet functionality

It can be hard to decide what kitchen faucet is best for you. While you’re home, take notes on your current faucet and point out its flaws. Maybe the hose length is too short or the spout is too low for you to comfortably fit a large pan under. Note the finishes and styles in your kitchen. Then come to Amazon where we have working faucets on display. Read reviews that mention function and the handle coordination before you decide. The right faucet it out there at Amazon kitchen faucet solutions will help you find it.

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