Trends in Bathroom Renovation

What’s New and Trending in Bathroom Remodel?

Today’s bathroom has thrown off its former and evolved into a mini-haven behind, A closed door. Which is why so many want to have bathroom renovations done to their home.



Often a bath is sited, looking a garden or a pretty view, but you just have this tiny window. If privacy isn’t a major issue, why not enlarge the window? Or if the bathroom’s really close to the next house, you can always use frosted glass or put up shutters if they suit the design.



More adventurous sink designs are in for bathroom renovations, Natural colors and materials are important for bathroom renovations. People are going back to an earthy look – stone, matte textures, exotic woods, tumbled marble, limestone.



You can always go blog magazine or Pinterest for ideas and tips on bathroom remodels. There is always something new and trending. In need of some creative bathroom ideas to evolve into a mini-haven behind area of relaxation?



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Large Showers with multi-head faucets.

We’re talking area size. These new designs seem like they are built for the whole family, but really, You can add a double bench for sitting and to prop up your leg for shaving. You can also put in a rain showerhead, multiple sprays, steam. It on the ceiling and shower water down gently through tiny holes by gravity, like rain. It’s very gentle and soothing

Handles and hardware are very clean and simple, like other elements in the bath. You might see a bit of inspired hardware, such as galley-style metal pulls, but nothing too ornate.

Multiple shower heads let you reach everywhere… And we mean everywhere. Shower combination unit and going for the super-shower – a simple single family homes are getting a major redo of the bathrooms these days.

Radiant Heat Floors.

There’s nothing like stepping out of your shower onto that cold floor getting hit with a wall of cold air. Wow, way to bring you back into reality after that luxurious shower, right? How about stepping into soft stone that’s heated creating a pleasant space that doesn’t end when you exit the shower? These radiant floors extend the experience out into the rest of the bathroom.

TV or Fireplace in the Bathroom

Now, besides the fridge and general communication with the outside world, you basically can. Many designs have a double sided fireplace from the bedroom to the bathroom and overlook the tub or even in the corner, creating even more of that comfort and heated ambiance for your relaxing time in the shower or tub.

And the TV… Now you don’t have to miss one moment of your favorite movie, show or watch the news while getting ready in the morning. Maybe you just want to turn on good tunes while soaking your cares away.

Going Green

Bathroom Renovation: More than just a water saving toilet, going green in the bathroom can mean eco-friendly flooring, low emission soaking tubs, energy star appliances and recycled materials. Use low flow shower heads and toilets, motion sensor faucets to save on water, energy efficient vent fans, and sustainable material. It’s all possible and good for the environment.

People today are recreating spas in their own home steam rooms and showers with multiple sprays and other features … All people are working harder than ever these days, so they want to come home to area of relaxation.

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So, These are new designs and Decorative ideas when it comes to updating your bathroom. Whether you are remodeling for you or renovating for a sale, every space is different and unique and a specific design.

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  1. Eleni Mitroglou Reply

    Hello Maviya,
    Such a great post, thank you so much for sharing. You pose some very innovative suggestions for potential renovation projects. I am a big fan of double-faced fireplaces embedded in bathrooms, antithetic elements (water vs fire) to be completely honest, but if combined correctly could be very appealing.
    Have you considered mosaic tile for your bathroom’s renovation? I didn’t know much about mosaics before I had to remodel my bathroom wall. Whilst researching my options I discovered a company named Mozaico that have really cosy mosaic artworks that were very much to my liking.
    I personally chose ceramic tiles because by using this type of material, water and stain protection is almost guaranteed. Not to mention it is considerably easy to clean and low maintenance.
    Have a look at if you are still interested!

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