Types of Shower Screens That You Can Buy to Give a Makeover to Your Bathroom

Everyone wants their bathroom to look clean and organized, just like other rooms in their house. They might secretly wish for luxurious bathrooms just like the bathrooms in the home makeover shows and celebrity houses. Sadly, not everyone is so well off to have such a bathroom, where you can stay an hour or two pampering yourself. But there is still hope. You do not have to spend a considerable sum of money to get a bathroom makeover or have to mind the dust, the workers and the annoying sounds during a complete bathroom renovation. You can simply buy a shower screen, and voila, your bathroom will have a completely different look. A simple shower screen can help change your bathroom’s look in an instant!

Shower Screens

Find out different types of shower screens that you can opt for:

  • Frameless Shower Screens: If you love minimalistic designs, you would like to opt for frameless shower screens. Their minimalistic design makes them look incredibly sleek. They are great for small bathrooms as the installation of these frameless screens does not take much space. So, if you have a small bathroom, you can think of getting this frameless shower screen. The screen is mostly made of single panelled glass and can be installed in a day by a professional.
  • Sliding Door Shower Screens: This is yet another screen for small bathrooms. If you have a studio apartment and want to give a makeover your bathroom, you can opt for sliding door screens. Since the doors need not be opened outwards or inwards, it saves a lot of space.
  • Bi-fold Screens: Not a fan of sliding doors, want something more modern? If yes, then you should opt for bi-fold screens. The opening mechanism of the doors is almost like sliding doors except that the doors fold inwards or outwards, thus saving space. They look incredibly sleek and modern and go well with contemporary bathrooms.

Shower-screens 1


  • Fixed Panel Screens: Fixed panel shower screens are an excellent choice for those who have large bathrooms. These shower screens need a lot of space because the bathroom must have a drying area. The screen is mainly made of single panel glass.
  • Fully Framed Screens: Fully framed screens provide full enclosure, and they tend to suit bathrooms of all types and sizes. They are great for bathrooms that are used by many family members as they provide added privacy. The single glass panel comes with aluminum They are not as expensive as other screens mentioned here; hence, many families can afford them.
  • Semi-frameless Screens: If you do not want to go for a full framed screen but want the durability and the stylishness of fully framed display, then you can opt for a semi-frameless screen. They are made of single panelled glass with reduced framing.
  • Pivot Screens: Pivot screens are only meant for large bathrooms. They need a lot of space and open outwards. They offer a more traditional look, and if you are not fussy about the design of your bathroom screen, you can easily opt for pivot screens. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to models of pivot screens.
  • Quadrant Screens: Quadrant screens are an excellent option for those that have small bathrooms. Since these screens utilize the corners of a bathroom, they generally have sliding doors.



You can opt for different glass designs for the glass screens. The glass screens can be frosted, antiqued, etched, and even tinted! Make your choice based on your specific requirement!


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