Unique Ideas for Remarkable Bathroom Renovations at Limited Budgets

A bathroom is an important part of a house that should be maintained in the best condition. Sometimes, bathrooms of old buildings need occasional renovations, to restore the original grandeur and comfort. Many common house owners may fear the huge expenses required for general renovation work. However, now there are lots of ways to do bathroom renovations in an affordable budget. It is also desirable to make the renovated bathroom more energy efficient and it should need minimum maintenance in the future.

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Few Useful Ways of Limiting Expenses for Bathroom Renovations


  • The aim is to make a renovated bathroom look bright, for which it must be well lit. Therefore, the bathroom should have windows or skylights to allow the entry of natural light. Moreover, it is best to use various LED lights for making the bathroom more attractive and energy efficient. So, replacements of old lighting fixtures with stylish new ones may be a vital part of bathroom renovations. Antique light fixtures may be bought at cheaper prices from hardware stores. Lights can be fitted over the wall mirror and countertop of a bathroom so that maximum light may be reflected on shiny surfaces to make the room brighter.
  • Old bathroom tiles are often faded and even show some cracks, especially the floor tiles that get more damaged with passing time. So it is best to replace only the heavily damaged tiles of bathroom floor and walls, to cut down on the heavy expense of replacing all tiles. Other tiles can be scrubbed well to eliminate all stains and freshly painted to regain a new look. While replacing the broken tiles, it is best to choose the simple tiles without any artistic design, with shade matching to the existing tiles of the bathroom.
  • A bathroom countertop is usually much smaller than the one installed in a kitchen. Many people prefer granite countertops for their bathrooms and granite of uncommon shades may be available at cheaper prices. However, the choice of quartz of matching shade for replacing a worn out countertop may be a wise step for cheaper bathroom renovations, as these countertops need minimum maintenance. Some people also buy pieces of faulty granite and place them in such a way that the imperfections get hidden under the sinks installed over those granite pieces.
  • The extensive use of glossy paints over faded wall tiles, wooden cabinet doors, window frames, switchboards, and mirror frames may help in effective bathroom renovations on a limited budget. Some people also apply suitable paints over the toilets and showerheads, instead of replacing these bathroom fixtures. However, it is essential to use only high-quality paint, preferably with a satin finish for preventing the growth of moulds and mildew all over the bathroom.
  • Old grout and caulk become weaker and may even come off the applied surfaces. So a house owner may simply clean the old grouts carefully and add new caulks around the sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Thus, these fixtures become more durable and look as good as new. So it is one of the simplest and cheapest methods that can be adopted for bathroom renovations. Moreover, this is a simple DIY task that any house owner can do during the weekends, without spending money for hiring professionals.
  • Old bathtubs made of porcelain, fibreglass, or cast iron may be simply polished for restoring them to a new appearance. This job of refinishing these bathroom fixtures is quite easy and can be done by any member of the house. It is only necessary to have the required materials and tools for polishing these faded or stained surfaces.

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It is a good idea to install low-flow taps and showerheads, to save wastage of water. The installation of tank-less water heating system and insulating windows are also important steps for bathroom renovations, to make them more energy efficient.



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