Updates to Make to Your Home This Spring (That Have Nothing to Do With Cleaning)


Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

 W hen warm weather rolls around after a long winter, many of us start preparing for tank-top season by focusing on our health and fitness. But what about where we spend half of our time? This year, don’t just focus on run-of-the-mill spring cleaning in your home — consider making some home improvement updates as well.

Tune Up Your HVAC

Your HVAC is a critical factor in keeping your home running smoothly and feeling comfortable, especially when outside temperatures start to heat up. So, it should be one of the first aspects of your home you pay some attention to this spring. Take some time to do an inspection of your system; if you notice anything seems amiss, contact a professional for a consultation (the average HVAC inspection costs $321). If your system is 10 years or older, you should also consider getting a professional tune-up to help extend its life or address any issues before necessary repairs become too costly.

Update Your Décor

This is something easy and relatively cheap that can still lead you to feel like your home has had a transformation. It can be overwhelming deciding where to start, so consider sticking with a theme, such as a country setting or Parisian cafe — some aesthetic that you find pleasing. If you can’t make up your mind, consider a different theme for each room, or an eclectic mix. You can find projects to do yourself, transforming mason jars into art pieces, painting a wooden board with an inspirational saying, or something similar. Another budget-friendly option is to go to thrift stores and second-hand shops to find antiques or gently used pieces that make you happy.

Update Your Fixtures

Similar to updating your décor, putting in a few new fixtures can truly make your home feel new. You can change your lighting fixtures or add new ones in your hallway, in your closets, or even around the mirror in your bathroom to truly feel like a movie star. You can change out the faucets on your sinks in each room and in the shower or tub. Make sure you have the correct tool for the job, however, such as an adjustable wrench and pliers. If you’re going to have your tub or sinks replaced completely, make sure you know your dimensions thoroughly.

Update Your Bedroom

Of all the rooms in your home, you want this one to feel the most relaxing. If it’s a small space, consider adding some wall shelves. You can make them yourself or stop by a furniture warehouse like Ikea to see what they offer. You can add some décor, wall prints, or paint to give your bedroom personality.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Sometimes, a simple update isn’t enough. If you want a major change, consider renovating your bathroom. Getting your countertops replaced can not only make the room feel beautiful and elegant, but can be a good investment as well. However, unlike with putting in new fixtures and updating your décor, you’ll likely need a professional for larger jobs. If your whole bathroom is outdated, consider a complete remodel. According to HomeAdvisor, a remodel averages between $5,952 and $14,825. Despite the price, if your home feels old, if the hardware is dated, your tile chipped, and the flooring worn, it may be time to consider a full remodel.

Remodel Your Kitchen

One of the rooms which arguably gets the most use in the whole household is the kitchen. If it has been more than a decade since your kitchen was built or updated, it may be time to freshen it up. This will not only improve its look, but your old appliances may be sapping energy that modern, energy-efficient ones would save. If you plan on selling your home down the line, having an updated kitchen with modern features may get you a higher price. This, like your bathroom, should be done by a professional. Any time you have to worry about wiring, pipes, or reflooring, you will want someone who has a proven track record of excellence.

This spring, commit yourself to making your home the refuge you desire and deserve. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make yourself feel rich and pampered, so resolve to turn your home into a sanctuary one room at a time.


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