Urban Farming: Eco-Friendly Alternative

Urban farming is one of the fastest growing trends for city dwellers, combining the hustle and bustle of the city life with the down to earth nature of growing and tending your own food. With Urban farming, growing concerns over food safety and a demand for organic and pesticide-free food. Urban Farming photo credit: 20130814_Quebec-2013_1150_bv_PM via photopin (license)

If you’re looking to start your own urban farm, congratulations on taking the first step to an eco-friendly alternative to fresh produce and herbs.

Generally speaking, if you were looking for an urban farm opportunity throughout the city (for those people living in private accommodations (such as a house) you can turn a small space into a renewable urban farm, Homes the backyard and can be converted to an eco-friendly alternative

And in turn, created a completely designed garden, featuring many fruits and vegetables this allows a self-sustaining urban farming, own backyard-urban farming is an easy way to feed a family, without having to stare at increasing prices

The good thing also about farming in the city is that you give up your urban lifestyle to partake and enjoy farming. To create your own garden, you could start by planting herbs in small pots. Herbs such as oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary are perfect for these small containers. This is recommended for starters by the way. But if you’re experimental and the garden geek type you could plant seasonal veggies and fruits. Just remember when choosing what to plant, make sure that it won’t take up too much space and maintenance. Keep in mind that you are living in a confined space so it should not eat up a lot of space in your backyard.

Consider planting vegetables to harvest at varying times of the year with your urban farm.

Urban agriculture has gained a lot of interest from urban dwellers over the years. Because it doesn’t only beautify but it also conserves the environment as well. So take pleasure in the joys of gardening and start urban farming now.

Try to read books on farming and gardening also to know more about the fruits and vegetables in season and as well as how to maintain them.


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