Utility Of Bain Circuit In An Artificial Breathing System?

Anesthesia and ventilator circuits are always kept at the ready in hospitals to serve patients promptly. They are pressed into action immediately when a patient complains of a breathing problem or when a patient wants support to breathe properly. Hence, artificial breathing systems are very helpful as they are used in creating breathing environments to meet any immediate or emergency needs of patients.


Artificial Breathing System


Bain circuit is an essential part of the set-up or system of artificial breathing maintained at hospitals. The circuit is designed in a way to connect the patient’s airways to a machine and facilitate artificial breathing through the correct atmosphere. The circuit is composed of corrugate tubes, a gas reservoir and a fresh gas entry pot to assist the normal breathing function in patients.

Similarly, the circuit carries a unique design which helps it in the proper scavenging of the waste gases. Using it, patients can inspire fresh gas from the reservoir before expiring in the same tube. The circuit’s low resistance to breathing makes it very helpful for patients facing breathing difficulties.


What does the breathing system consist of?

  • A fresh gas delivery tube to help the delivery of gases from the machine to the system
  • A port to connect the system to the patient’s airway
  • A reservoir for gas (generally a bag or a corrugated tube) for the peak inspiratory flow requirements
  • An expiratory valve to help emit the expired gas to the atmosphere
  • A carbon dioxide absorber to allow total rebreathing
  • Corrugated tubes to connect all the components together


What are the features of an of Bain circuit? 

Bain circuits are a key aspect at hospitals and clinics where patients are provided relief through a creation of an artificial breathing environment. The system is designed to be patient-friendly and it deals with waste anesthetic gases in an effective manner. And it’s fitted with all the features that provide ease of breathing in patients with respiratory distress.


What are the features of the Bain circuit 

  • A convenient anesthesia delivery system
  • Suitable to provide artificial breathing for all surgical procedures
  • Fit for patients of all ages
  • Simple to use and a single tube arrangement lends it further convenience
  • A compact system fitted with an expiratory valve, an antistatic bag and corrugated tube
  • A cost-effective way to get artificial breathing support
  • Inexpensive
  • A modification of Mapleson D system
  • Made to do scavenging of waste gases
  • More useful that the T-system
  • Low dead space and low resistance to breathing


Why is the Bain circuit used so extensively? 

Bain circuit is an essential presence at all hospitals that receive patients facing respiratory problems. The circuit is very useful due to its function of providing artificial breathing to patients.

The following are some reasons for the extensive use of Bain circuits 

  • It’s efficient as well as inexpensive
  • Provides efficiency in scavenging of waste gases
  • Works exactly like a T-piece does
  • Eliminates exhaled gas with efficiency
  • Helps in alternating positive pressure ventilation


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