Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Shiny and Clean

K itchen cabinets absolutely adorn your kitchen areas and make the space appealing. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers are offering plenty of designs and types which can absolutely change the look of your kitchen. But when, it comes to cleaning that stubborn grease and dirt, some of us tend to panic.


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Well, here I will tell you about the top ways of cleaning a kitchen cabinet so that it looks new and sparkling even after years of installing it. Take a look.


Use liquid detergent soap to clean your cabinets

There are very few places in your house which accumulate as much dirt and grease like kitchen cabinets. The heat from all the cooking, oil, the chimney, the gas, and the constant wear and tear of opening the cabinet doors lead to the dirty cabinets. The best way to clean cabinets is the age old method of using liquid detergent, warm water, and sponge. Firstly, remove all the cutlery and food items from the cabinets. Next, mix warm water with the adequate amount of liquid detergent. Then, use a sponge to clean the cabinets.

It’s best if you ask your family members to help you out because doing it all alone can be difficult and time-consuming. But make sure, you don’t make the kitchen cabinets too wet as the cabinets may get ruined. After you are done with the scrubbing, use a dry cloth and wipe every inch of your cabinet so that not a drop of soapy water residue remains. If you want to keep your cabinets shiny, then buy a tin of cabinet wax and apply it after cleaning the cabinets with soap water.

Use baking soda to remove stains from your cabinets 

This item is generally found in every household. You must have heard your mother or grandmother talking about baking soda and its various uses at some point or the other.


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Mix detergent with the baking soda to achieve a thick paste. The proportion would be 1:3 respectively that is one part of detergent to every three parts of baking soda. Scrub this paste on your cabinets with a firm bristled brush. Scrub the cabinets, but keep in mind that too many strokes of the brush may hamper the lamination of the cabinets. Then use water and a dry cloth to wipe the mixture followed by a dry towel. You will be surprised at the results!

Use vinegar for sparkling kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of a house, and hence it has to withstand a lot of wear and tear. And you cannot be very cautious about the accumulation of oil and grease on the kitchen interior while cooking as it is not possible You are bound to place your oily and greasy hands on the kitchen cabinet doors or the kitchen slab accidentally, especially when you are in a hurry… Sticky films are a result of dirty hands. And vinegar works wonder for them. Vinegar is a very common ingredient and if you don’t have it in your kitchen, you can easily purchase from the nearest supermarket. But here also, make sure that you wipe the kitchen cabinets after applying the solution.

Use all purpose spray for cleaning the cabinets

Buy an all purpose spray to get rid of the grime and grease off the cabinets. Make sure the brand is good and read the instructions before using it. While you can apply the above methods once in a while, this you can do on a regular basis. It takes less time and effort.


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So, now that you know the ways of cleaning kitchen cabinets, you can apply these methods and maintain them so that your kitchen cabinets don’t age very soon. Investing on anything is easy, but the tough part is maintaining them. Be it the RTA kitchen cabinets or the white ones, you need to clean them at least once in a week.


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