What do Teenage’s Need Most in Their Bedroom?

Living with teenage poses ever-changing challenges — but also can be a good deal of fun. Whether with indoor hammocks or smart home stations.


teen bedroom


Girl’s (and boys) rooms can be quite a challenge. You want the space to feel fun, vibrant, and stimulating but you don’t want to end up with a themey room that will be outgrown in a year.



The teenage bedroom not only provides much-needed storage and built-in desk, but does it with a clever interplay of wall design which provides niches and shelves for books, and all teen things.

When you write a decorating blog sometimes it’s all about talking about decorating and showing what you know and discussing how to pick out paint colors for your entire house.


It’s about learning things that you never really knew or thought about or planned or understood.



Why is a teen’s bedroom important?

Anyone who has been a teenager knows the importance of their bedroom. It can be a sanctuary for them to express themselves and feel safe. Show your teen how much you care by providing them with an excellent bedroom and some much needed space for your teen comfort and sleeping, relax, and reduce the stress of the day.

“A bedroom, especially when you’re a teenager, is a sort of safe haven. Everything about my room calms me down.”

I believe the teen room should be decorated with personal, creative take on design. Don’t forget about putting your personal stamp in these rooms of your home. Let go of all the rules and just mix and match all sorts of interesting pieces that reflect who are. Showcase something teen love. Collect hats? — show them off with style.

How do I determine the teen bedroom layout?

Teenagers like their own personal havens. This will provide them a getaway for homework and practicing and of course, plenty of storage!

Who lives here:

When designing their room, wanted to make sure it would work for the family at least until for kids are grown — One key feature in the planning was this space is a hub of activity, flexible space where the teen can study, do crafts and practice musical instruments. “There is always a teen in here,

Modern Color:

One of my favorite features, in the teen room, is the shelving in room. “It’s such a simple way to display toys and games while also providing an amazing storage solution,” and a colorful Hang-It-All brings a playful spirit to what is so often a purely utilitarian space.

Storage solutions:

The multiple storage solutions are well hidden to allow for the beauty and neatness of the bedroom. While keeping the architectural elements characterizing the entire design of the house.

Place to study:

Along the window (a perfect place to study) homework really starts to build up during the teenage years, so if you want to get your child into a regular study schedule, and you have the space, a quiet corner for working is a good idea.

Soft carpeting complements the room giving it much needed acoustical properties and adds to the warmth of this bedroom.

What should a teenage bedroom include?

Some unique teen bedroom ideas that add fun to a room to create a scheme that provides space for sleep, study and creative expression include.

Flexible display space

Changing tastes and varied interests are part and parcel of teenage life. As a result, posters, prints and photos can be put up and taken down with dizzying speed as loyalties shift.

A study spot

A slim desk or shelf against the wall, with a good task light and space for organising notes, books and pens. Wall-mounted storage is also useful, as well as a small stool that can be tucked out of the way under the desk when not in use.

Plenty of room for clothes

Clothes are a big part of self-expression, and it’s key to have space to display (and admire) them in a teenage bedroom. A combination of practical shelves with some hooks or a rail will allow for everyday clothes to be neatly stored out of sight while a few favourite clothes can be displayed and admired.

Space for hang out

When your teenager has friends to visit, chances are they won’t want to sit in the living room with the rest of the family, so space and privacy to hang out is often high on the priority list for a teenage bedroom — plenty of cushions can help to create floor seating for a gaggle of teens, so factor in plenty of soft textiles.

A digital zone

Dealing with tech is an important part of designing a teen bedroom and USB charging points are probably an essential item for powering phones, tablets and computers.

It is so easy to fill your space with store-bought pieces, but if you are not careful you can get caught up in recreating a space directly from a catalog, and in the end, feel disconnected from it.

Have fun with the design, but always remember: Restraint is a virtue!

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