When To Try DIY And When To Hire A Professional Electrician

Nowadays it’s easy to try hands-on odd jobs as well as venture into unknown arenas of work with DIY attempts, with the help of the internet, filled with instructive videos and articles for every beginner to expert. It is actually not a big deal anymore to fix a mobile issue, manage a software problem, try out some homemade beauty cracks, etc. DIY enthusiasts love trying new avenues of sporting jobs with no experience. But it is okay if you are only speaking of DIY attempts with no life hazard risks, but when it comes to deal with electrical issues, trying out to solve the problem without proper knowledge, understanding, equipment as well as guidance can be risky for your life. Indeed, it is rather smart to call for a licensed electrician to deal with the electrical issues of your house.

When to Call Electrician and When to Try DIY

Dealing with electricity, electrical wirings and circuits is no joke and not a child’s play. However, that does not mean you cannot try any electrical work without an electrician. But since electricity involves a lot of risks, ranges from mere electrical shock to major accident that can even take away your life. So, you need to understand the fine line between when to try DIY and when to call for an expert electrician. There are several electrical works that can easily be managed without much being an expert in electrical operations, but when it comes to correct circuits, grounding, etc. risky jobs, you need an experienced and licensed electrician with apt knowledge in electrical codes and intricate circuit operations.

DIY Electrical Operations

There are many electrical works in day to day household life which can be accomplished with DIY methods. You may either have a general knowledge of these works or one can also refer to the internet for guidance. But definitely these are small works which do not need much elaborate electrical knowledge. But though you may not need to delve into deep electrical understanding for these, definitely you need to maintain precautionary and safety measures like:

  • Make sure you put off the main power before starting with any electrical works.
  • You must ensure the proper safety of children while operating on electrical.
  • It is good to have a small electrical tool kit for such daily works.

Many times, you have a broken switch, or a light which is not working, or a fuse that has gone off, etc for which most people hardly call for an electrician.

When to Call an Expert

While you know where you have your chances to try DIY methods it is also important to note when not to try DIY attempts. There are times when you might accomplish a small job and aspire for a bigger one, but with electrical issues, the safety of life is before experimentations. Here are a few cases when you must call up for professional electrician like:

  • Upgrade of circuit breakers.
  • Installation of new appliances.
  • Adding new electrical outlets,
  • Installation of GFCI receptacles
  • Correction of existing electrical code
  • Extension of electrical circuits and wiring
  • Outdoor lighting installation

Apart from all of these, it is important to have the contact of an experienced electrical worker handy, in cases of emergency. Nowadays there are many electrical services that offer 24*7 services, as well as instant support for emergency calls. Well, a vital point to note is that since electricity is risky to deal with and that is the reason to avoid DIY in many instances; it is also risky to hire a professional without a license. Therefore, ensure that you check for the license of an electrical worker before hiring him or her.


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