Why are Many Parents Choose Homeschooling

Have you ever wondered if homeschooling would be a good fit for you and your family? If you are interested in finding out more, you might want to start by asking parents why they made the decision to home school their children, Many homeschool parents say that they have chosen to homeschool their children because it is such a flexible and diverse educational option.


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Not too many years ago, homeschooling was seen as a strange educational choice. Nowadays, with a nationwide homeschool population of two million, which is growing at a speed of at least 8% each year.

Here are a few of the reasons parents say they have chosen to home school education

  1.  Home schooled children receive a well-rounded education that is suited to their own unique needs, and to individual learning styles. Some children learn better when they are allowed to do it their own way. Homeschooling allows parents to remove the cookie-cutter curriculum from their child’s education.
  2.  Families that home school tend to be close-knit. They enjoy being with each other day in and day out learning together as a family. If you are finding that your children are spending more time away from you than with you, homeschooling might be a way to bring your family close together again.
  3.  Because homeschooling doesn’t have the mechanical feel of an outside school, some children enjoy learning more in this more fluid atmosphere. Learning at home, away from the confines of a large classroom, may have advantages for children who are more artistic.
  4.  Imagine a school year with less sickness. Your children will not be around other kids all week who are sneezing and coughing and spreading germs. Plus, you can monitor hand-washing and good hygiene.
  5.  Whereas other schools teach children a set curriculum, home school allows for individual study in areas that the students are most interested in. Many homes-choolers have learned that adding the basics of math, reading, and science into their child’s unique interests, makes learning a little more fun as well as more successful.
  6.  Large schools may be intimidating for many kids. Peer pressure can be very difficult for some kids to handle. Home-schoolers don’t have to worry about this issue. If done right, homeschooling can help kids be self-confident and self-motivated without the stress of peer pressure standing in their way.
  7.  Home schooled kids learn how to be mature and social without the threat of bullying. Home-schoolers and their children know they have a common goal and the negative influences simply aren’t there. There is no secret agenda. All parents and children want one thing; to have a good learning experience.
  8.  Another big reason parents choose to homeschool is for socialization. The teens I know have a rich and varied social life. They have many friends and go places witth those kids they choose to be with, rather than being thrown into a classroom every day where cliques, peer pressure, and unspoken

Benefits of homeschooling

Homeschoolers are excited about homeschooling. From the academic benefits and social skills to flexibility and more time for family bonding, the benefits of  homeschooling are many.

Is homeschooling legal?

Interested in homeschooling, but concerned about the legality of home education in your state? Rest assured, homeschooling is legal in all 50 states — but policies vary widely on what and how much you will need to do to document your child’s homeschool work.

It all comes down to what works for your family. What you need is a willingness to learn how to create an environment of learning. Since you love your children and know what’s best for them, you will quickly be able to develop the skills you need to help your children reach their educational goals.

Leaving the outside school system behind takes a big leap of faith. However, there is a lot of help out there. Ask parents, then dig into all the resources you can get your hands on. Homeschooling may be just the thing you need to do to get your kids on track this school year.


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