Why You Must Use Concrete Pumping For Pouring

Concrete has been used in many types of construction projects as a reliable building material. From the construction of the bridge to the corporate house, concrete proves to be an effective and economical material.

The UK construction industry focuses on developing new techniques to make the construction process easier. They focus on the innovations that help in bringing the cost of the projects down. Also, it aids in improving the accuracy of the work.

In many high-rise buildings and hard-to-reach areas, placing concrete is a difficult job. In all these cases, concrete pumps are used. The construction workers of the UK use cutting-edge pumping technologies to make it happen.

According to the experts, pumping is an accurate and improved way of placing the concrete in the difficult to reach areas. Mainly there are two ways to perform concrete pumping.

  • Boom Pump
  • Line Pump

They have different applications and therefore, in order to choose one of them for the purpose, it is important to know more about the applications of these two pumping methods and how to operate them.

But first, it is necessary to know why the pumps are used majorly in the construction sites. Check out the details here!

1. Fewer efforts in Concrete Pouring

Hiring the workers constitutes the major costs in the construction projects. The more the workers, the higher the cost.

But with concrete pumps, the army of labours is not needed to complete the process. For example, if the job requires 5 workers to pour concrete in 5 hours without a pump, it will take only a single person to complete the job in 2 hours with the pump.

With this example, it is easy to determine the productivity and efficiency that the concrete pump brings to the project.

2. Improves the concrete strength

It is important to know that the quantity of the water used in the concrete here is less. The less water provides several benefits to the concrete structure.

It prevents the formation of the cracks in the structure. Hence, such a structure is durable and does not need maintenance and repair often. It again saves money and efforts spent on construction in the future.

3. Removes the risk of accidents

The concrete pump turns the placing of the concrete more convenient. Along with it, this type of pouring offers job safety and enhances the security on the site.

The reason behind this enhanced security is the placement of the truck on the construction site. The truck is kept away from the job area so that it does not obstruct the workers working on the site.

Many times the tools and equipment installed in the site leads to accidents that are not at all the cause of worry with the concrete pumping.

4. Higher speed with higher accuracy

As already mentioned it only takes a few workers and comparatively less time to finish the task of concrete pouring. It also means that the speed of the completion of the task is relatively high when concrete pumps are used in the construction site.

Therefore, the concrete pumping makes it easier to meet the deadlines of the construction process with ease.

Many traditional processes can help in concrete pouring too, like barrowing. But it limits the process because it is not a preferred technique to pour the concrete in the difficult-to-reach areas.

It gets easier with the pumps to reach the awkward spaces where the cranes cannot reach easily. It means that the job that would need lots of workers and time, can be done perfectly with fewer labors with concrete pumps. Isn’t it amazing?


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