Workouts High Intensity Vs Low Intensity, Which is Better?

Because of technological advancements and innovations, humans became lazy, causing them to become fat and obese. Throughout the year, many people make the promise to themselves that they will get in shape. Losing weight and building muscle are two of the most common fitness goals.



A lot of people do not understand how cardiovascular exercises affect their system. Even fewer people know what cardiovascular exercises really are let alone understand which is better high intensity or low-intensity cardio exercises. But some people are unsure about how to achieve these goals.

Many people who begin a workout program are confused at which they should focus their attention on high intensity or low intensity? Both high intensity and low-intensity workouts have their advantages. It all depends on what your fitness goals are.

Studies and researches show that during taking a regular exercise every morning keeps your body healthy more effectively than artificial food supplements and drugs can do.

Unfortunately, many cannot take advantage of Workouts. Maybe, their way of exercising is improper and incorrect.

Workout High Intensity

What is a high-intensity cardio workout? A high-intensity cardio workout is one in which you keep your heart rate at an intensive level for a short period of time. This type of exercising is definitely the most popular type of exercising these days because people appreciate the fact that it gives significantly more results in less time. We are all hard pressed for time nowadays and many would rather get their workout done and over with so they can move on to their many other responsibilities.

So you can see why people would choose high-intensity workouts. If their goal is to burn fat, gain strength and do it in less time, this is the right choice for them. And after finishing workouts! You will continue to burn more calories after completing a high-intensity workout.

Examples of high-intensity workouts are sprinting, interval training with bodyweight exercises and plyometrics.

Workout Low Intensity

What is a low-intensity workout? A low-intensity cardio workout is one in which you keep your heart rate at a moderate level for an extended period of time. Low-intensity workouts are more traditional but don’t deliver as much results as high intensity workouts. That’s not to say that low intensity workouts are a waste of time. Many people enjoy a low intensity workout and have the time to dedicate to it and there is nothing wrong with that. Some find that a low intensity workout is much more stress relieving.

Low-intensity exercises are beneficial to people. They are good for people who have chronic conditions as they help the people maintain the health of the cardiovascular system and other systems in the body. They are good for people who are suffering from obesity and heart problems.

One good example of low intensity exercise is walking. When you walk, you do not consume so much energy and the heart does not have to pump too much. Another good example is yoga. In yoga, all you really do is stretch. You do not move so much and you are able to keep a good breathing pace, therefore the intensity is considered low. The same is true for swimming and biking.

Although high intensity workouts burn more fat calories they are not for everyone. Always make sure to consult your physician before starting any sort of workout routine.