You Know About Housing For Ferrets?

N ow that you have decided that you want to keep a ferret as a pet, there are several important tips to remember before you take your new friend home.


Housing For Ferrets
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Ferrets have a natural ability to play, explore, and roam around to satisfy its curiosity,

But in so doing you have to consider your home as well. Is he likely to end up chewing the living room carpet? Do they love climbing on to cabinets that may contain dangerous home chemicals? Your ferret his attitude will always be the determining factor in choosing the best housing for ferrets.

Although ferrets love to run, play, and explore, it will spend most of the day in its cage. You need to ensure that the cage provides three essential things for your ferret: a comfortable place to sleep, a private place to do it ‘business’, and ample room to play.

Indoor Housing

Ferrets really are quite funny to watch. They have unique and quirky little characteristics that you will grow to know and love. There are many important aspects of caring for your pet ferret; however, knowing how to properly housing for ferrets is just as important as what you may feed it.

Typically, ferrets will need to feel safe and secure in their housing environment. What they love most is to snuggle into their environment as they are generally burrowing animals.

Ferrets absolutely adore sleeping tubes. Sleeping tubes resemble one of those enclosed slides you find in a children’s playground. These critters also love crawling into one of these tubes all at the same time. They love close, snug, dark quarters so these tubes are perfect for them.

You may also opt to purchase a ferret hammock. These hammocks are exactly the same in concept as the ones human beings use. Small plastic containers may also be appropriate for ferrets sleep inside their cage.

Outdoor Housing

In order for ferrets to live comfortably outside, their environment must be supervised. Ferrets can stay outdoors in colder temperatures, but must be well fed at all times and their water supply needs to be monitored as well. Fresh water every day all day is important for a ferret to thrive.

It is safest for a ferret to be in a raised cage such as a hutch. It is preferable for a ferret to live indoors as their food will stay fresh and they are protected from other animals and the elements. If your ferret escapes, then there is a good chance that it will not survive. Without being fed, a ferret has next to no chance of survival as they are dependent on human beings.

Ferrets that are kept out in warmer weather need constant attention. They need to be in a shady place with plenty of water and constant checking on. Never expose them to direct sunlight and always provide shade to hot sunny weathers. Never expose them to freezing winters too, and make sure they stay inside warm temperatures for them to live.

Housing for ferrets if you are thinking about keeping your ferret in the garage, please be aware that if your vehicle is also stored there, this can be fatal, as fumes from your car can kill your pet.

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A garage really is no place to keep your ferret. These critters love the interaction and to come out and play. Also, there is more likely a chance of forgetting to offer food, water, or even play time when a pet is out of sight. It will more than likely be out of mind as well.

An ideal ferret cage will consist of multiple levels, with shelves and ladders to climb. You should purchase a cage with a wooden bottom, not mesh as this will hurt your ferret’s feet. Under no circumstances should you house your ferret in a glass aquarium as this does not provide enough circulation and moisture will build up. Too much moisture can cause bacterial and fungal infections on the skin and can affect the respiratory system. This can ultimately lead to death.

So, whether you are considering housing for ferrets in a cage, indoors, or outdoors, make sure that you are well informed as to what is best for your ferret. Speaking to a professional is always recommended.

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