Your Children Will Have Fun Designing Christmas Greetings Cards

Do you want to greet your family and friends with your own Christmas greeting  cards? With a bit of time and patience, you can make your cards, unique, original, compelling and fun! Get together with your children at home and create your own Christmas cards this year.


Christmas Greetings Cards
Photo By: Greg Lobinski


Christmas greeting cards let people know that you care and have not forgotten them, especially during the most festive and important time of the year. Christmas greeting cards are a wonderful treat and a special reminder that your acquaintances, friends and family are thinking of you at this special time of year.

Here Are A Few Suggestions You Can Try:

Choose the color you want to work with and purchase a sheet of your desired material (cardboard is steady and easy to work with). Cut the card into 10cm by 15cm to form a rectangular shape. We will call it a “letter size”. Fold the sheet in half so the card will have many sides. Let your children make their favorite Christmas drawing (Father Christmas, a snow scene, Rudolph, a Christmas tree, etc.) On the main side of the card. Complement the design with lots of glitter of all different colors.

Another idea is to ask your children to make a collage. Purchase three different colored cards. Take one of them and cut a letter sized sheet. Take the second card and cut the sheet a bit smaller this time. Glue it over the first card. Take the third card, cut it smaller than the second, draw something related to Christmas on it (children love to draw pine trees!). Glue the third card onto the second card. Make a few of these, write your Christmas greetings cards on the back, and post them over to the rest of the family. They will be thrilled!

An option is to cut the card into different shapes. Ribbons are very popular with children. Use different color cards so you end up with lots of lovely shapes and variety to work with. Glue the shapes into the letter sized cards. Write your very special Christmas greetings and… Ready to go!

If use photographs for your Christmas greetings cards. They are personal, unique and they carry a thoughtful message. Customize your cards by including the photos. You can use funny pictures of the family, or more serious ones, photos of your pet, childhood photos, caricatures that you can make out of the pictures… Even a photo of where you live if the rest of your family has not been able to visit yet… There are literally hundreds of choices.

And, if you really want to add a touch to your card, why not include things inside like a sports ticket, store vouchers, Christmas show tickets, a special poem… Christmas greetings cards do not have to be just about buying and sending cards. Do something different this year, have fun with your children and add a personal touch!

Christmas Greetings Cards They are an effective and affordable way to strengthen and maintain ties between distant family members and friends. They are a special holiday greeting to let people know that you remember them and are thinking of them during this festive time of year.



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